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Economic trends, consumer demand for building materials, interior materials and increasing sophistication, the interior is now more and more attention from the layout so that reasonable position , color scheme, lighting ... so that harmony by certain space. It does not only require good quality furniture but also requires creativity and overall space in each of the consultants, as well as digital artists and interior designers to create a great product is the best.


In order to provide the most valuable furniture products to customers, The FDC FURNITURE CO., LTD is one of the partners that customer can trust to choose from. FDC Furniture Co., Ltd specializes in the field of furniture for many years, we cum office furniture, home furnture, showroom, hotel, resort ... Undertake construction from A to Z, in the form of turnkey.


Our workflow from receipt of the request from the customer


+ Nominate experts with highly specialized skills, appointment scheduling work with clients

+ Actual survey work status

+ Consulting, provide design ideas or grasp the idea of the customer to design

+ Adjust the design according to customer's requirements

+ Tabulated estimates of construction

+ Sign economic contract

+ Production and installlation of complete

+ Acceptance, transfer and settlement

+ Maintenance, product warranty contract signed.


All the above steps are followed in a strict roster progress of the work under the close supervition of the officials in charge of the department and the company leadership.


By these efforts, dedication and relentless fine all employees as well as management, FDC's products has been trustded in the furniture market. Our old customers have continuously introduced us to many new customers. Thus, FDC's product quickl build brand and expanding. Impressed plate prevalent situation, we do not known what to do with the sincere thanks and send your gratitude to all our customer near and far. At the same time, promising to further strive to produce good quality products, stable prices, to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers, providing the highest customer satisfaction. Satisfaction that is expressed through the stages from consulting, design, production ... to stage product warranty.


We are committed to maintaining operating under the motto: " Professional - Quality - Prestige " to retain existing customer and increase the number of customer in the future.


Once again, on behalf of the entire staff and management company, thank customers have cooperated and trusted our products!





Head Office: 754 Nguyen Kiem Street, Ward 4, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

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Account number: 009053720001 Bank of East Asia, Business Transaction Center HCMC.

Factory: Hamlet 3, C6/14, Vinh Loc A Commune, Binh Chanh District, HCMC, Vietnam.